MedXGuide-Ways to Good Health
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This 90-page handbook focuses mainly on some ways to good health through healthcare delivery facilities and interventions. Such facilities like hospitals, clinics, medical centres and community pharmacies provide access to medicines but there are issues on management and/or mismanagement of medicines and sundry products Also, some categories of hospitals; laboratories and community pharmacies are secondary providers of health insurance-a universally acknowledged way to good health.

Furthermore, HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing (HCT) is a proven public health prevention and care intervention - another major way to good health.For medicines management, the non-enforcement of the regulations and guidelines concerning the distribution, purchasing prescribing, dispensing and use of medicines in countries such as Nigeria have led to high incidences of morbidity (illnesses) and mortality (deaths)

The handbook has a clear style and is simple to grasp. Its case reports on experiences in other countries are interesting and useful for medical doctors and other healthcare providers.

 Prof. Folabi Lesi, Consultant (Dean, Faculty of Clinical Sciences - CMUL)

This handbook is a valuable resource used to deliver the Keynote address at the World Pharmacists Day (25th September 2014) of the PSN, Ondo State Branch-Akure, Nigeria.
(Pharm. Remi Adeseun, FPSN)

The handbook has given me a better understanding of primary healthcare and public health.
Olatunji Eniola (Student – Lagos State School of Health


2.1         What is Healthcare Delivery?
3.1         What is Medicines Management in Healthcare Delivery?
3.2.3      National  Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)
              NHIS Updates (January, 2016)
4.1         What is Public Health?
4.4         Ways to get your Medicines(Avoid Fake Drugs)


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